Our Nutrition Program

Nutrition programme: Such children are usually severely malnourished due to poor nutrition and eating habits. As a result they are prone to infections and diseases which inhibit their growth. In order to aid in improving their nutritional levels we aim to provide nutritious snacks and drinks on a daily basis during school hours. It would include a well balanced snack plan like seasonal fruit, milk, buns, cake, curd, juice, biscuits, idli, fruit juices etc. This help’s in strengthening their immune system and building resistance to infections. Chocolates & sweets are given on special occasions. We have now aiming at providing daily fresh nutritious hot meals to our children in our upgraded Nutritional Programme .

The snack also work’s as an additional incentive to ensure regular attendance by children. The snacks and drinks are provided free to all the children. The children are provided with safe drinking water which they do not have at their homes.


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