Our Story

A NGO registered under the societies registration Act XXI of 1860

Our story: Rittana children’s foundation was conceived from Our Hearts. It is dedicated to all disadvantaged children especially the girl child. It was a dream waiting to be realized. Instead of talking about making a difference the founding President Ms. Anamika Verma decided it was time to be the difference. With a vision to empower children and restore their childhood the foundation aims to amplify the voice of every child in distress faced with discrimination and exploitation. From the creative field herself she has initiated & created the core programmes for self expression and academic planning. Additionally as an educationist she founded The Montessori School dedicated to early childhood education .[The Montessori School: Member The International Montessori Council.]

The foundation has been formally in operation since 2009. We are a non profit society dedicated to the cause of creating sustainable projects that would assist
vulnerable children.

Our education project -THE Blossoming CHILD- is aimed to further the cause of school education. It includes a preschooling experience with optimal learning conditions for the underprivileged children…a concept dedicated to holistic education between the age group 2.5 to 14 years. The Montessori system of education is a part of our curriculum .The main focus is to treat each child as a unique individual allowing them to develop and learn at their own pace. It recognizes the developmental stages of human formation and realisation of the goals, directions and characteristics pertinent to each . Our programmes include a blend of intellectual, physical, sensorial and artistic education. We aim to provide underprivileged children an exposure to a holistic schooling programme that they have been denied all along as a direct impact of social and economic discrimination.Our other programmes include a Nutritional project and a Health care project. These aim towards boosting a Childs basic health and nutritional levels .The direct objective is to raise their immunity levels and build their resistance to infections and diseases.

Our core team comprises of wonderful like minded people dedicated to a joint vision of restoring childhood and empowering children. Together we share the dream to ‘be the difference’.


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