What you can do?

Your participation will enable us to provide continued education, basic healthcare, hygiene, educational aids ,stationery, playway material; art kits, clothing, essentials, medicines, facilitate creative workshops and conduct health camps. This will directly lead to a sense of security ,feeling of being loved and cared for and will give them hope that will change the way their world revolves forever.
Join hands with us in fighting the daily battle to survive, alongside these little warriors. Your contribution will change a life forever and give us renewed encouragement to carry on with our cause. We invite you to join us in the movement to bring about social change in the lives of our children and their communities.
These Micro Miracles can only be possible with the support and active involvement of individuals and organisations alike. Together we need to break this spell of existence in poverty, illiteracy and poor health impacting every conceivable opportunity to a better holistic life. You can make it happen! Help revive and retain education for these children who are not attending school due to the paucity of funds and to enable those who have reached us to be able to continue to receiving education. To aid mainstream children to access good primary schools to further their education. The essential message is equality of opportunity and to be able to enjoy an adequate standard of living. We are here to provide them this opportunity to transform their lives… you could aid in this endeavour by strengthening our hands to be able to deliver our spirit of uncompromising commitment to the cause of bringing about social change for these children. Help reinforce our faith in our struggle for change. We welcome mature, proactive, self supporting independent volunteers who wish to joyfully and respectfully help by selflessly giving their time /services /assistance and support. Your participation lies in your ability to support, invest and engage in programmes to bring children closer to the fulfilment of their potential.
You have the ability to support our operating cost , institution building costs, developing our resources mobilisation capacity ,cost of planning ,monitoring ,evaluation of programmes and their implementation. Support us in our initiative with shared belief and the aim of bringing about holistic change in the lives of our underprivileged children and their communities. You too can contribute and get directly involved in our projects. We are a non profit organisation and rely entirely on donations and volunteer work. Corporates can adopt /support a project which they can identify with. You can choose to support an entire project or a part of it based on an area of focus -- like education; health; vocational training or other child related issues; especially for the girl child. Corporates can develop a Corporate Social Responsibility model for their organisation. Organisations can sponsor the schools infrastructure or Sponsor the children directly. You can donate surplus goods – like health supplements; stationery, furniture, books, bicycles, a vehicle, any other suitable items in consultation with us. You can help with logistics; mobilise material distribution. Sponsor the schools or an individual child’s education, etc. You could spread awareness in professional circles on issues such as child rights, child labour, shelter, and literacy issues.

1. Medical Health care. Health camps can be sponsored; i.e. ENT, general health, etc. Medicines/treatment/essentials/hygiene products for the children could be donated or sponsored

2. School education sponsorship per child on an annual basis.

3. School education supplies for a class or individual child. Work books. notebooks, paper, pencils, colouring material, clip boards, diaries, and art supplies etc

4. Personal supplies for children ....clothing/shoes/bags./play materials/story books/sports equipment, etc. 5.

5.Educational aids for school classrooms, furniture, blackboards, mats, computers, music system, Montessori material, creative materials, art kits, teaching aids, play ground equipment etc

6. Nutritional project aid. Sponsoring nourishing meals / health drinks / snacks / water filters.

7. Aiding institutional costs. Like: sponsoring the salary of the teachers ,classroom assistants and office staff.

8. Sponsoring issue based workshops and associated with art, dance, Health, .theatre, dramatics, music, etc.

9. Aid towards operative cost of foundation: Building, infrastructure, general maintenance etc

10. Sponsorship of transportation costs by sponsoring a school van, or office equipment like a photocopier, computers, Generator etc.

11. Financing projects that can be implemented, monitored, evaluated and sustained as per a Corporate Social Responsibility Model.

12. As individuals : Support to our organisation can be provided in terms of imparting academic, creative, professional and physical skills by volunteering. You could be a part of our volunteer programme depending upon your skills and interests and sharing of your time and experiences. You could offer creative skills and conduct creative work shops in sports, art, music, dance, pottery, puppetry, theatre, sculpture, photography, etc. You could impart professional skills in the field of medicine, counselling, and further enhance the skills of our staff on teaching, counselling, and communication. You could help mobilise materials to be distributed towards our cause and projects. You could sponsor one or more child’s education, school kit, medical care and nutritional products/meals. You could help organize fund raising events for charity. Additionally you could spread awareness within your community on issues such as child rights, child labour, shelter, and literacy issues.





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